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Dissident Rearrested
Wednesday, September 21, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Miguel Sigler Amaya

A former Cuban "prisoner of conscience"has been rearrested by Cuban political police. BosNewsLife reports that Miguel Sigler Amaya, his wife and two children were detained as they tried to board a plane that would take them to exile.

"Tuesday morning, September 20, as family members went to see them off, Miguel Sigler Amaya, his wife Josefa Lopez Pena, and their two children, were all arrested as they were boarding the plane bound for the city of Cancun in Mexico," said the Alternative Option Independent Movement (AOIM), in a statement to BosNewsLife News Center.

Sigler Amaya was originally arrested in the sweep of March 2003. He was originally given a 6-month sentence for "disobedience", but then, according to Amnesty International, he was given an additional 20-months for disobedience in prison.

His wife, Lopez Pena, suffered persecution as a member of The Ladies In White, a group of women who protested the arrests.

The report fails to say how Sigler was freed from prison, and it does not address how he was being allowed to leave Cuba.


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