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Cuba Is Indestructable
Thursday, March 10, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

So says fidel

Cuba is militarily and economically indestructible says fidel castro. And it always will be.  He says the reason is his economic programs carried out by the Revolution for the people.

Prensa Latina news agency reports fidel made the announcement Tuesday night in a speech given in celebration of International Women's Day.  He says if the U.S. invades, there will be countless U.S. casualties.

This country's Armed Forces have achieved amazing advances, tactics and methods in the military theater of operations, the Head of State stressed.

Thousands of women are not only part of the regular troops but also the territorial militias and other organizations to defend the country in case of attack or invasion.

Using the same Soviet tactics that proved so successful for Saddam Hussien's forces, I guess. fidel goes on to remember history a little differently than I do.

Fidel Castro recalled the courage of Cuban women amid the inherent danger during the Missile Crisis in October 1962 when the country was about to be targeted with nuclear weapons. The President highlighted how much life here for women had changed for the better, and that they make up 40 percent of the technical force today.

In fact, the Soviets were putting nuclear weapons on Cuba as a threat against the U.S. As Nikita Kruschev recalled, it was castro who called for a nuclear strike. He then returns to Cuba's economy.

Fidel Castro reiterated his optimism with the country's economic future and explained how national projects are currently developing for the benefit of the people.

This is the same speech in which he announced the government will subsidize electric rice cookers for Cuban women.  The announcement drew a standing ovation.  That's an example of fidel's economy.



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