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The X-files Finale
Monday, February 04, 2002   By: Br'er Juan

The X-files closes shop at the end of this season. The final episode is revealed here.

Music full, wind blowing, lights flashing, tight shot Scully’s baby screaming as he's held by the Cigarette Smoking Man

Tight shot Scully’s face screaming, hair blowing, rain splashing on her face, only baby screaming heard.

Zoom out – baby continues screaming, C S M holds baby over head backing into UFO, Alex Krycek alongside, Mr. X, and Marita Covarrubias (eyes glowing greenish-blue) look over CSM's shoulders from inside the UFO

Cut all sound except baby screaming, very tight shot of Scully’s eye and nose on pillow, eye pops open

Scully yells "MULDER"

Zoom out, Scully sits up in bed, hair dishwater blonde, not auburn, wearing a long Lynyrd Skynyrd T-shirt, climbs out of bed in a very small room – reaches into crib, pulls out and holds crying baby

Mulder yells from living room “Dana get up.”

Scully walks down very narrow hallway, the hallway of a single-wide trailer

Take living room shot- Mulder sitting in one lazy-boy, wearing black trousers and old-style men's undershirt, drinks a beer and chews on stogie, in the other lazy-boy, C.G.B. Spender, wearing black trousers, a white dress shirt and solid tie, sits smoking a cigarette and finishing a beer, watching TV

Mulder - “Get me another beer, Dana.”

Spender - “No son, we don't have time for another. We have to go to work.”

Mulder rises and puts on a white dress shirt. “Yeah, I guess we do, Pop. The government expects us at work on time.”

Spender stands and puts on a suit coat

Mulder turns to Scully - “Dana, that stuff you smoked last night - Did it make you have that FBI dream again?”

X-files theme up full – cut to closeup Scully’s mystified face.

Music continues, cut to shot outside trailer, ground level wide

Mulder and Spender, wearing black suits, climb into old black Chevy. Car pulls away, camera on crane zooms out and up, follows the car down the street lined by trailers 

As the car drives past the trailer next door, an old Airstream, Melvin Frohike pushes a lawnmower across the yard. Ringo Langley, using binoculars and a parabolic listening device, peeps out of the Airstream window at the couple passionately kissing good-bye in front the trailer across the street.

Woman - "Will you be back tonight, John?"

Man - "Monica, you know my wife is in town on Tuesday. I'll be back Thursday night."

John Fitzgerald Byers climbs on the roof of the Airstream to adjust the surplus KU-band dish antenna hooked to his TV.

The car proceeds past next trailers. An African-American gentleman, wearing a suit and glasses knocks on the door.

From inside - "Who's knocking?"

Man - "It's your insurance agent, Alvin Kersh, collecting on the policy."

Across the street, a buxom, brown haired woman is handing out literature on Scientology. She looks wistfully at Mulder as the car passes.

Camera cranes up

CG -  “The Truth Is Out There” screen center  - trailer neighborhood screen bottom below CG

UFO enters screen left moving left to right at screen top above CG -fade to black on final note


(c)1968- today j.e. simmons or michael warren