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A Review of Ken Layne's "Dot.Con"
Tuesday, June 11, 2002   By: Juan Paxety

Ken Layne has written the best diet book ever - guaranteed to make you laugh your butt off.

Ken Layne has written the most wonderful diet book I've found. I read Dot.Con over the weekend and lost at least 50 pounds laughing my fat ass off.

In the book, enterprising journalist (isn't that what all of us without jobs are called) Larry Jonestowne takes down Silicon Valley CEO's, Soviet goddesses, corporate doofuses, rent-a-cops with Glocks, radicals from Berkeley, dykes-on-bikes and, of course, traditional journalism in a way that reminds me of what Carl Hiaasen's done to the destroyers of south Florida. And along the way Jonestowne even bags a MSNBC babe. It's fast-paced hilarity throughout.

Dot.Con was published in Australia, where Layne sold several thousand copies. He should have sold hundreds of thousands in the U.S. American publishers get off your fat asses.

But it's not too late for you. Click on the book cover to the right and order your own copy. I believe he's still asking only $20.00 including shipping.

Update - I don't know if Ken has any copies left, so I've removed the link.

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