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First Coast Mother And Daughter Murdered In Pakistan
Monday, March 18, 2002   By: J.E. Simmons

Milton Green and his family were worshiping in church when terrorists tossed bombs inside.

On 9/11 New York and Washington lost thousands of people in minutes. The Islamofascists are picking off folks from Florida's First Coast in ones, twos, and threes. The latest were two women. They were murdered in church. The younger was only 17.

Milton Green is a Fernandina Beach native. He was employed by the State Department for 28 years and accepted many foreign assignments. On 9/11 he, his wife Barbara, and his step-daughter Kristen Wormsley were stationed in Pakistan. Barbara and Kristen came home.

But Kristen wanted to graduate from the American School in Islamabad this year. She planned to attend Florida State University fall. She missed her classsmates at the American School. Kristen and Barbara returned to Islamabad a month ago. Relatives say they felt safe overseas.

On Sunday, March 17, Kristen, Barbara and Milton were attending the Protestant International Church. Witnesses say one young man, perhaps two, ran through the church tossing grenades. Milton was badly wounded. Kristen, Barbara and three other people died.

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