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Monday, October 09, 2006   By: Lehamic Renwar

Lehamic's World
Through A Different Eye

No Homos In Iran? By Lehamic Renwar 25 Sep, 2007
At least they're hard to spot.

Rosie By Lehamic Renwar 21 Sep, 2007
The cult of victimhood.

Who Let The Dogs Out? By Lehamic Renwar 19 Jul, 2007
Vick, Vick, Vic-Vick

What Really Happened At Roswell By Lehamic Renwar 06 Jul, 2007
The Truth from 1947

Bombs In London and Glasgow By Lehamic Renwar 30 Jun, 2007
Islamically my dear Watson.

Paris Freed - Supporters Say Unchanged By Lehamic Renwar 07 Jun, 2007
After three grueling days behind bars, Paris is out

Berger Gives Up Law License By Juan Paxety 17 May, 2007
Rather than face examination

The Prez And The Defeatocrats By Lehamic Renwar 29 Mar, 2007
Taking a poll

Silly Season By Lehamic Renwar 07 Mar, 2007
The primaries are only a year away

Rudy And Guns By Lehamic Renwar 21 Feb, 2007
A choice?

Scientific Apocalypse: In Hope Of A Nuclear Winter By Mahone Dunbar and Lehamic Renwar 12 Feb, 2007
Global Warming? Science’s Record In The Predictive Doomsday Realm

A Lasting Impression By Lehamic Renwar 11 Feb, 2007

The Climate Change Illusion By Lehamic Renwar 06 Feb, 2007
The evils of Amerika

Global Warming Express By Lehamic Renwar 01 Feb, 2007
Speeding towards '08

Revenge Of The Demo-Zombies By Lehamic Renwar and Mahone Dunbar 30 Jan, 2007
The end is here

Here's The Berger, Where's The Beef? By Lehamic Renwar 11 Jan, 2007
Sandy, his socks, and National Security

Jesus And Santa By Lehamic Renwar 12 Dec, 2006
Two against the world

Jesse And The Jew By Lehamic Renwar 24 Nov, 2006
Actor Michael Richards (Kramer) seeks forgivness from Jesse Jackson

Sanity In The Balance By Lehamic Renwar 22 Nov, 2006
Al Gore movie nominated for Oscar

A Great Victory By Lehamic Renwar 08 Nov, 2006
A victory for The Children - Islamic children

Good Day For A Hanging By Lehamic Renwar 06 Nov, 2006
Now, can we hang Ramsey Clark, too?

Kerry And The Troops By Lehamic Renwar 01 Nov, 2006
"I would never say anything derogatory..." yeah, right.

The Changing Face Of Terrorism By Lehemic Renwar 30 Oct, 2006
Allah Akbar or treat

The Dems And Michael J. Fox By Lehamic Renwar 25 Oct, 2006
Caring and sensitive treatment of a disease victim

North Korea Blinks By Lehamic Renwar 20 Oct, 2006
Is this Bush's fault, too?

Madonna Proves That Buying Africans Is OK By Lehamic Renwar 16 Oct, 2006
If you are a wealthy celeb.

Chumming The Waters By Lehamic Renwar 09 Oct, 2006
Stop that

Jimmy's Band Knows Only One Tune By Lehamic Renwar 06 Oct, 2006
The dictator's band

The Pope Recants By Lehamic Renwar 29 Sep, 2006
Down boy



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