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What's Next For Cuba?
Wednesday, December 06, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

Who will lead Latin America?

What's next for Cuba now that fidel is dead, politically if not physically?  The Christian Science Monitor takes a look and concludes that hugo chavez may take over as the socialist leader in Latin America.

This past weekend marked the eclipse of Fidel Castro, who spent a lifetime trying to convert Latin America to anti-American socialism. The weekend also saw the consolidation of power by Hugo Chávez in Venezuela. Mr. Chávez seeks to assume Mr. Castro's mantle and inject even more virulent anti- Americanism into a leftward drift like we are witnessing in such countries as Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and even Mexico, where leftists showed surprising strength in recent elections.

The decline of fidel and the rise of chavez has been the subject of many posts on this blog.  I wonder, though, if the author of the Monitor piece is selling raul castro short.  raul is reputed to be an admirer of the Chinese system - a system a lot of people say is really a modern, mature fascist state rather than a communist one. 

The Chinese leadership stays rather in the background - something that raul has done for years. Will raul the queen continue to control chavez, while chavez roams the world as the Bolivarian prince, attracting the attention while the queen manipulates the machine of government?

The Monitor article mentions the age of the Cuban leadership.  Again, this is similar to the Chinese model, where old party leaders stay at the top and bring along the younguns.  That, of course, is the way humans managed their affairs until the 20th century cult of youth. 

Read the entire Monitor article.  It's interesting.


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