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Cuban Foreign Minister Stumbles Into A Truth
Friday, December 01, 2006   By: Juan Paxety


The Belated Birthday Party for the Billionaire Bearded Bastard of Havana rolls on with pronouncements such as this, as provided by the International Herald Tribune:

"The enemies of the Cuban revolution ... are counting the minutes, waiting and hoping for Fidel's death," Perez Roque told hundreds of foreign supporters who traveled here to belatedly fete Castro, whose birthday was Aug. 13.

Why, for once in his life Mr. Roque is correct - we who value the freedom of the individual are waiting for fidel's death. Mr. Roque goes on, in the manner typical of statist thugs, to point out just what's wrong with his system of government, although he lacks the sense to understand what he's said.

The unity of the Cuban people will guarantee the island's communist system remains after its aging leaders are gone, Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque said Thursday amid 80th birthday celebrations for ailing President Fidel Castro.

The unity of the Cuban people.  Unity? What free people are unified in anything? Only the dream of the totalitarian contains unity.


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