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Cheaters in Cuba
Monday, October 02, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

Like this is a surprise

The BBC reports from a Cuban source that state-run (read that as owned) businesses in Cuba are cheaters.

More than half of all the state-run enterprises inspected in Cuba's capital Havana have cheated their customers, a Cuban communist newspaper has reported.

More than 11,500 businesses were selling their products at higher prices than advertised, or delivering lesser quantities, the Juventud Rebelde said.

The report's tone is unusually frank. The state media tends to be dominated by congratulatory stories about Cuba.

Last week, acting President Raul Castro said corruption was a serious problem.

Wait a minute. You steal an entire country, run it into the ground financially, then are surprised that others copy you? raul seems to be. He says corruption is a serious problem. He should know. So should fidel.

Last November, President Fidel Castro - who is now recuperating from intestinal surgery - warned that corruption had the power to destroy the revolution itself.

He condemned the fact that in some areas half of all the fuel in state petrol stations was being stolen.

As opposed to what fidel and raul have done - stolen it all.

You see here a great example of one of the great problems with communism.  Who gets to steal what?

Many Cubans tend to shrug their shoulders when asked about corruption.

With the state salary here at about $15 (£8) a month, and many essentials such as cooking oil and soap only available in hard currency, plenty regard skimming off what they can from their jobs as a necessary - even legitimate - supplement to their incomes.

But they complain when they are ripped off. Oh, the perils of communism.




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