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Hacking In Cuba And Cuba Nostalgia
Monday, May 22, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

Two very different looks at Cuba

Several anti-castro blogs have been hacked in recent weeks. The blog owners were sure the hacking came from Cuba - now Jose and Cubanology exposes the illegal Internet service operating from fidel's island workers' paradise. He publishes names, dates and rates - rates that would be outrageous in a free society. Then Jose looks at who is able to afford these rates. Read the whole thing.

Killcastroblog is one of the sites hacked. Charlie Bravo's comments are here.

This past weekend was Cuba Nostalgia weekend in Miami. Babalublog has all the goings on, including the ever popular booth where folks could email fidel. The comments on the reaction to the "Che Still Dead" shirts are interesting, too. Go there and scroll down through the weekend.



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