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Embargo Busting Vote Buying Pays For Heineman
Wednesday, May 10, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

Nebraska Governor beats strong primary challenge

Vote buying through embargo busting seems to have paid off for Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman (R). Yesterday, he fought off a primary challenge by former Nebraska football coach and three term congressman Tom Osborne.

Last year, Heineman made the farmers and agribusiness folks in his state very happy by cutting a couple of trade deals with Cuba. Nebraska has been shipping Great Northern beans, corn and wheat to fidel's island workers' paradise. In August, the state announced the deal amounted to $17-million. Then less than a month ago, Nebraska announced they were going back for more, this time selling pork and other meat products.

Of course these trade deals are not mentioned in the mainstream media. Perhaps reporters and editors didn't notice the April deal because they were so busy reporting Tom Cruise's placenta eating frenzy.


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