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Latin American Axis Of Evil Formalize Pact
Thursday, May 04, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

fidel, hugo and evo

Over the weekend, the Latin American Axis of Evil got together to formalize their association, Mexico's La Jornada notes.(original article here - English translation here.) Morales signed ALBA, the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas - a pact to counter the various US sponsored free trade agreements, NAFTA and CAFTA and Free Trade for the Americas. The countermeasure is, of course, a continuation of the failed policies of the past - a mix of communism and fascism. Whatever keeps the dictator in power for another day.

All the technical experience and economic potential of Cuba and Venezuela "we put at the disposal of Bolivia," said Chavez, in one of the statements made to describe the nature of the pact, in which he acknowledged the importance of Venezuelan petroleum and financing.

fidel also chimed in, warning evo to stop taking helicopter rides in the Bolivian mountains - he might become a target of the U.S.

"We don't have the right to do whatever we want," said the Cuban leader. "We have the right and the obligation to concern ourselves with the enemy, who is not going to stop trying to kill these men."

"We already know which are his arts, his capacities and his devices, which can make possible an accident on an airplane or in a helicopter" he added. "Because they also know how to practice silent murder" said the Cuban leader. "That little man who presides over the Empire of the United States is an Olympic Champion of that profession."

evo explained that Bolivia will benefit the most from the pact - then added that products from his country will enter the other two countries duty free.

"That this will to help Bolivia emerge from its economic crisis makes it a very important step," added the former leader of Bolivia's coca-growers' syndicate. "Only in Cuba and Venezuela do we find unconditional support, unlike with some countries that offer us only blackmail and threats."

I hate to be the one to tell you this, evo, but no other country dealing with fidel has come out ahead. Your products will enter Cuba duty free, but what will you receive? Will Bolivia be like Venezuela and receive Cuban secret police and spies in the form of medical doctors?

Bolivia will use Venezuelan technology to extract liquid gas, and will pay its energy bills with its own products, such as Soya, the total production of which will be acquired by Venezuela and Cuba. Chavez explained that Bolivian businesses, or businesses in Venezuela with Bolivian capital, would remain tax-exempt during the time it takes to recover their investments.

That, evo, doesn't sound like Bolivia is coming out ahead to me. Sounds like the evil capitalists in Cuba and Venezuela are coming to rape Bolivia's land and resources. Ooops. Wait, their not capitalists, so maybe raping the land is OK.

Read the whole thing.


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