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Crushing The Cuban Revolution
Thursday, May 04, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

Granma says it's coming May 20th

Granma reports (I'm not linking Granma) today that the U.S. plans to crush The Revolution sometime around May 20th this year. That's news to me, but sounds like a good idea.

CUBA has declared its decision to resist, as it has for the last 47 years, any new measure by the United States in reaction to a possible intensification of the policies of threats and aggression by the George W. Bush government.

It is very likely that on May 20, or close to that date, the United States will announce new measures to try to crush the Revolution and the economic and social project decided on by the Cuban people, warned Ricardo Alarcón, president of Parliament.

The excuse for this exercise in what is probably paranoid blowhardism was a meeting of 1000 workers from around the world who voiced solidarity with the revolution. Listen to that language - the cliches of communism sound so old and out of date.

Unfortunately, communist ideas are spreading through Latin America - there's a leftist in Brazil, Evo Morales of Bolivia is nationalizing the oil industry and following in the footsteps of his mentors, fidel castro and hugo chavez, Kirchner is a totalitarian in Argentina, and one of the leading candidates for president of Mexico is a communist, too.

Maybe we will topple the revolution on May 20th. I don't have much hope, though.


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