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castro's Wealth Nearly Doubles
Friday, May 05, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

Now richer than the Queen of England

Forbes is reporting that fidel castro's wealth almost doubled last year - to $900-million.  Last year, the magazine estimated his wealth at $550-million.

Castro, who says his net worth is nil, is likely the beneficiary of up to $900 million, based on his control of state-owned companies, the U.S. financial magazine said in its annual tally of "Kings, Queens & Dictators" fortunes on Thursday.

Kings and sheikhs of the oil-rich Gulf Arab states still top the Forbes list, to be published in its May 22 edition.

fidel had threatened to sue Forbes after last year's story which reported his wealth was nearly that of the Queen of England.

"Do they think I am (former Zairian President) Mobutu (Sese Seko) or one of the many millionaires, those thieves and plunderers that the empire has suckled and protected?" he said last year, referring to his capitalist archenemy, Washington.

This year, Castro would be well above the British monarch. Queen Elizabeth came in with some $500 million in estates, gems and a stamp collection built by her grandfather. The list does not include Buckingham Palace or the crown jewels.

No, fidel, we don't think of you as a temporary tyrant such as Sese Seko. You've been much better at tyranting than he.


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