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Cuba: Repression On The Rise

Wednesday, April 12, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

Journalists threatened once again

From Net for Cuba:

By: Rafael Ferro Salas, Abdala Press

PINAR DEL RIO, Cuba - March ( - Cuban prisons remain packed full of political prisoners and as if this weren't enough, repression against dissidents, opponents of the regime, independent journalists and correspondents is on the rise.

All this is made clear with the recent detentions and threats carried out by the forces of the State Security against members of the opposition on the threshold of the third anniversary of the wave of repression of March 2003.

In the municipality of Consolación del Sur in this province, the house of Felipe Gil Sanjudo, the correspondent of this press agency, was visited by two State Security agents and by the sector chief of the police in that territory. They threatened to jail Sanjudo if he participated in the activity commemorating the anniversary. They also told him they wouldn't allow him to travel to the city of Pinar del Río.

Uncommon Sense has more on the repression of journalists here and here.


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