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Confused Students Travel In Cuba
Friday, March 31, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

Students compare the claims of socialism with reality

Pravda reports on a group of American University students who are visiting Cuba  The article begins with the usual claims that the Bush administration is tightening the embargo.

 "They're trying to find more ways to get tough with Cuba," said Philip Brenner, a Cuba expert and associate dean at American University in Washington D.C.

 "This is a foretaste of more restrictions that will prevent Cubans and Americans from dealing with each other at all," he said.

Brenner helped set up the trip. If he's a Cuba expert, he should know that one of the exceptions to the Cuba travel restrictions is a trip for legitimate educational institutions.

The article says the students are confused by the contradictions between castro's claims about the superiority of socialism and the lack of material wealth of the people.

 "I've traveled a lot and for me it has been very frustrating," said 21-year-old Jessica Skinner, of Grand Junction, Colorado. "I came here being very anti-embargo and now that I'm here, I'm confused."

Confused. Maybe by the end of her four month trip Jessica will understand the lies she's been told throughout her schooling. Communism, despite its favor in American academic institutions, never works.

Update - Fausta has more.


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