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Farrakhan, Katrina and fidel
Tuesday, March 21, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

The Nation of Islam minister seeks hurricane relief information

It's difficult writing about such an intelligent but foolish man as Minister Louis Farrakhan, but you really need to know what he's doing in Cuba. He's getting tips on how to deal with hurricane relief. That's right, he says fidel does a better job than FEMA, according to Reuters.

The controversial Nation of Islam leader, who is visiting Cuba for a week, criticized Washington for refusing a Cuban offer to send doctors after Katrina devastated New Orleans last August, flooding neighborhoods mainly populated by blacks and the impoverished.

"After Hurricane Katrina and the failure of federal and state government, we felt it was our duty to come to Cuba to learn disaster management from the Cuban people who have had many hurricanes and have not lost lives," he said.

That statement is just beyond comment.

Farrakhan went on to visit 74 American medical students studying in Cuba. Reuters says he encouraged them to go back to their communities and give their services to people who don't have health insurance.

 "This is a difficult road that you have chosen, but you must not give up," he told some of the 74 Americans studying at Havana's Latin American Medical School.

Trouble is, it's problematic whether these students will be allowed to practice medicine in the US.  Here in Florida, the medical school has to be accredited by the World Health Organization and the folks at the state medical board say they don't know if the Cuban school is accredited or not. They say they've never had a reason to look into it.


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