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More protests againt Cuba at the World Baseball Classic
Tuesday, March 14, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

Abajo Fidel displayed on T-shirts

There were more protests against fidel at the World Baseball Classic, and even the New York Times is paying attention. In the fourth inning of the game between Cuban and the Dominican Republic, 10-fans stood up, removed their shirts and displayed T-shirts with the letters A-B-A-J-O  F-I-D-E-L - down with fidel.

"We want down with Fidel," said Carlos Leal, one of the protesters. "This is a good opportunity to show the world that we want free elections in Cuba, the same thing as in the U.S."

When Leal, a Cuban who lives here, was asked if the group had been inspired by a fan who held an "Abajo Fidel" sign at Cuba's game against the Netherlands last Thursday, he said that its motivation was hatched much earlier.

"We've been getting this idea for the last 40 years," Leal said.

The Jimmy Carter of baseball commissioners, Bud Selig, had, after the earlier display, tried to ban free expression at the games. Last night, the lovers of freedom showed Selig the foolishness of his ways. While the Puerto Rican police let Selig know they considered this a free country with the right of free expression, MLB security officials tried to get them to leave. They refused, but did put their shirts back on.

The Real Cuba, as always, has exclusive photos. Go see all of them.

The Dominican Republic won the game 7-3.


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