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The Great Wall of Havana
Friday, January 27, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

Part 2

As reported yesterday by The Real Cuba, it seems that fidel's great wall will be made of flags. ABC News reports that workers are extending a stage to within feet of the U.S. Interests Section and putting up poles for gigantic flags that will block the view of the building - and its offending Words of Freedom ticker.

CB at Killcastrobog has photos of the worksite and comments on just how close the poles will be to the building. He also blesses us with this image:

And besides, kasstro hates humor, and humor has been one of the most effective weapons of choice of the Cubans for the duration of these long 47 years, a tyrant fears mockery and ridicule like a vampire fears the cross and the garlic, so that's our way of getting back to him!

Bloggers as the cross and garlic. CB also says the word out of Cuba is that the project must be finished tonight - fidel plans another march tomorrow.

Babalublog shows us what fidel should be building - and be sure to read the comments.


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