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The Great Wall Of Havana
Thursday, January 26, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

fidel won't say what he's building

The news broke yesterday afternoon on The Real Cuba - now it's in the European press. fidel is building The Great Wall of Havana. fidel appears to be furious at the U.S. Interests Section's broadcasts the words of freedom from a huge ticker on the side of the building, so he appears to be building a wall to keep Cubans from seeing the sign.

The construction is going on in what was formerly the "car park" for the US Mission. The BBC reports fidel's black Mercedes drove up to the construction site last night so that the billionaire could give the workers a pep talk. He did, however, take the time to refer to American diplomats a cockroaches and to say that he wouldn't say what was being built - he didn't want to ruin the surprise.

As he spoke, the huge US electronic billboard scrolled out its illuminated messages across the building behind him.

One gave news that Palestinians had been voting for the first time in 10 years.

Another declared that President Bush believed people had the right to choose how they lived their lives.

The propaganda war between the US and Cuba is nothing new - but this is an escalation.

Already Cuba has put up scores of posters in the capital caricaturing President Bush as both a fascist and a vampire.

Where this will all end is not clear.

Where it will end, BBC, is very clear. It will end with the demise of the reign of fidel - and freedom for the Cuban people.

Val has more, killcastro has visited the site in the past, and The Real Cuba had the first report. And Fausta reports that Elian Gonzalez got to see the sign when fidel trotted the child out for another propaganda demonstration.



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