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fidel's Ticker Fascination
Wednesday, January 25, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

fidel replies

The Cuban people turned out on fidel's command yesterday to protest the ticker broadcasting the words of freedom from the front of the American Interests Section in Havana. The protest looked like this:

Which looks pretty much like the pro-abortion protests in San Francisco on Monday - Bush = Hitler, socialism and all.

(photos courtesy zombietime)

Of course the US media fell right in line with fidel and wrote stories about his complaints that  Luis Posada Carriles has not been turned over to him for trial. Posada is accused of blowing up a Cuban plane in Venezuela back in the 70s. He has been tried twice and found not guilty both times - something that's not mentioned in stories such as the one by NBC producer Mary Murray, who is based in Havana.  CBS News headlines it's story "Is There A Terrorist Among Us?"

What really has fidel upset is the huge ticker on the front of the American Interests Section Building. Just as he began to speak, the US officials turned on the sign.

 "To those who may want to be here, we respect your protest. To those who don't want to be here, excuse the bother," the sign declared in a subtle reference to the strong government pressures that ensure attendance at such protests is high. (Knight Ridder Newspapers)

As Reuters reports, fidel replied:

 "They have turned on the display. How brave the cockroaches are. Little Bush must have sent the order," an angry Castro said.

Read more at Babalublog (who sends an email to Ms. Murray), Uncommon Sense, Killcastroblog, Blog for Cuba, and, of course, The Real Cuba, which gives us the photo we wish we could see.



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