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The Propaganda And Exploitation of Eye Surgery
Tuesday, January 24, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

Eye surgery for Bolivian and the US

The President of Bolivia, evo morales, met yesterday with the Vice President of Cuba., Carlos Lage, at the government headquarters in La Paz, reports Prensa Latina (the official Cuban news agency).

Lage, who heads the delegation that attended MoralesĀ“ swearing-in on Sunday, is accompanied by Foreign Investment and Economic Collaboration Minister Martha Lomas, Foreign Vice Minister Rafael Daussa, Ambassador Luis Felipe Vazquez and Deputy Jorge Gonzalez.

Cuban President Fidel Castro and his Bolivian counterpart signed an agreement on December 30, 2005, slated to become effective following MoralesĀ“ inauguration.

That accord envisages the creation of a non-profit ophthalmologic entity, the distribution of 5,000 scholarships to study medicine and the implementation of an academic exchange and a literacy program.

fidel continued to make propaganda hay of his eye doctors by offering to treat 150,000 US poor people - paying for their transportation to his island workers' paradise and their accommodations. says

President Castro said he took on the offer of free eye-surgery for 100,000 US people made by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during a recent visit to New York. Fidel said he decided to add another 50,000 and ask the US organization Pastors for Peace to choose poor people from any religion, political trend or that simply need the treatment.

The Cuban leader said that by practicing 500 daily eye surgeries all those 150,000 US citizens can receive the benefit of recovering their sight in just a 300-day period.

Perhaps the eye patients can help the Pastors smuggle their illegal computers into Cuba. What's truly awful about this is that poor people are once again being treated as political pawns by fidel.


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