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Why Commies Don't Celebrate Christmas - They're Too Busy
Thursday, December 29, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

The fidel-hugo-evo brotherhood

While you've been enjoying your Christmas, the enemies of freedom have been plotting. The new bad boy of Latin America, Evo Morales, will be visiting his political uncle fidel even before taking office as Bolivia's president. The Daily Journal (Caracas) says evo will travel to Cuba on Friday, then on to Brazil and some unnamed European countries.

Morales has repeatedly declared himself to be an admirer of Cuba's communist leader and has referred to himself as the "younger brother" of Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

At home, morales does not have the support of everyone. The San Jose (Cal.) Mercury News reports morales scheduled a meeting with skeptical business leaders.

"I do not want to harm anybody. I do not want to expropriate or confiscate any assets," Morales told the businessmen and civic leaders of Santa Cruz, a relatively wealthy city that has sought more autonomy in the impoverished country. "I want to learn from the businessmen."

We've heard that before from both fidel and hugo.

The Daily Journal then reports that it took the morales administration only a day to backtrack. Alvaro Garcia Linares will be sworn in as Bolivia's new vice president.

President-elect Evo Morales plans on imposing a new tax on the wealthy after he takes office in January, his future vice president said Saturday.

The proposed tax would apply to those with more than $300,000 in property, said Garcia Linera.

He said the tax proposal, which was still being ironed out, would be a top priority for the new government but would differ from the tax hike that sparked protests in 2003 and led to the resignation of President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada.

That's right alvaro - this tax is different - it's your tax.

Economist Carlos Villegas, top adviser for the incoming government, said Bolivia's free market approach has driven up unemployment.

He says that even though Bolivia has a rather healthy economy. 2005's domestic product growth was 3.9%. Inflation is down to 4.2% from 4.6%

The paper also reports morales is repeating his promise to nationalize Bolivia's natural gas and oil industry.

Indian coca farmer Evo Morales said he will not confiscate refineries or infrastructure owned by multinational corporations. Instead, his government would renegotiate contracts so that the companies are partners, but not owners, in developing Bolivia's resources, he said.

``We will nationalize (Bolivia's) natural resources,'' Morales said at a news conference Tuesday in La Paz.

``Many of these contracts signed by various governments are illegal and unconstitutional. It is not possible that our natural resources continue to be looted, exploited illegally, and as the lawyers say, these contracts are legally void and must be adjusted,'' Morales said.

It sounds as though they are learning from the Chinese. Straight communism doesn't work, so throw in a little fascism - private ownership of property and business with state control. Perhaps fidel will remind him that Hitler and Mussolini fell after only a few years, but that he is about to celebrate the 47th year of his glorious revolution.


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