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Parmly Overthrowing The Government Of Cuba
Wednesday, December 21, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Accusations fly

The government of Cuba says the U.S. Interests Section Chief is trying to overthrow it. Cuba began a scathing verbal attack on Tuesday against Michael Parmly and against dissident Cubans. Reuters reports that a propaganda broadcast on state-run television spent 90-minutes accusing Parmley of heading U.S. efforts to oust fidel castro from power.

"Michael Parmly has quickly begun to carry out his job as the ruthless guardian and springboard of the anti-Cuba Bush policy, having frequent contacts with his mercenaries, guiding them, supplying them and exhibiting them to the press," program moderator Randy Alonso said.

TV seems to be a bit different in Cuba than in the US. There journalists appear on round-table television shows to support government programs rather than attack them. Last night they compared Parmley to his predecessor, James Cason.

"They are the same pig with different suits" said journalist Arlene Rodriguez of Cason and Parmly, the latter considered by other diplomats as far more diplomatic than the former.

Can the same be said for fidel, hugo and evo? Same pig, different suits - fatigues, a business suit, and whatever the hell you call that outfit evo wears (if anyone has a name for it, please let me know in comments).

Interestingly, Human Events also quotes Reuters but on entirely the different side. Parmly told Reuters he expects Cuba to change from its current system of government even if fidel stays in power. Parmly would not say just what those changes would be other than to predict revolt "spreading like wildfire through the streets."

“You cannot predict these things, but you do try to prepare for them when you are pretty sure they are coming, and I am pretty sure it is coming,” Parmly said.

Parmly has experience watching communist governments fall. He was in eastern Europe, particularly Romania, when the governments fell.

Parmly said Cuba's budding pro-democracy movement has not been stalled by a severe crackdown launched by Castro in March 2003, which landed dozens of dissidents in prison with sentences of up to 28 years.

"The courage with which more and more people continue to speak out despite strong pressure from the regime tells me that the change is occurring," he said.

There's been talk for years - we'll see if there's any action.


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