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Urgent Prayer Request For A Church In Cuba
Tuesday, December 20, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Threatened with closure and demolition only three days before Christmas

Christian Solidarity Worldwide is sending out an urgent prayer request. The castro regime has threatened to shut down a church on Thursday, December 22 - three days before Christmas. The request, as published on Baracutey Cubano, is as follows:

Dear Friends,We are writing to request your urgent prayer on behalf of a church in Cuba which has been told it will be forcibly shut down by this Thursday. The pastors fear that the church may even face demolition.

The Yamaniguey Baptist church in Moa, Holguin Province, in Eastern Cuba, sent out an urgent request for prayer after being told by government officials on 8 December that the church would be shut down within 15 days. Pastor Arcades Rafael Solano Silvera and his wife, Yadely Jaume Martin, were told that they must vacate the pastoral residence and that all church meetings and services were to be suspended. The government officials also advised the church representatives that it was possible that the church building itself would be demolished.

The church believes that the actions of the authorities are based on legislation announced in April and put into force in September. The new law specifically targets house churches and many feared that it would lead to a new crackdown on religious freedom across the island.

The case of the Yamaniguey Baptist church is the first example CSW has received of the legislation being enforced to shut down a church. The church, which is located in a remote part of Cuba, has faced government persecution in the past and was actually demolished once before, in 1996. We would be grateful if you would unite with the Yamaniguey Baptist church in prayer for its continued existence. Please pray especially for Pastor Solano and his wife Yadely, that God would grant them wisdom and protection in this very difficult time.

Communication is very difficult at the moment, but we are currently awaiting further details on the situation of the church and will keep you updated as we receive information.

Thank you for your prayers, CSW Advocacy Team

Christian Solidarity Worldwide
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Paxety Pages has contacted CSW and requested further information. We'll let you know.


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