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Disturbing Ties
Monday, December 19, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Cuba, China, Bolivia, Colombia

Only a decade or so ago, fidel castro was isolated as the only dictator in the new sea of democracy in Latin America. Now fidel has made a number of disturbing alliances, alliances that should be drawing the concern of the folks in Washington. We've detailed the close ties between fidel and oil-rich Venezuela's (as they say in the MSM) Hugo Chávez.

Now, Xinhua, the news agency of the fascist state with the communist flag, China, reports on how one of the leading revolutionary gangs in Colombia (ELN) is thanking Cuba for hosting, and Venezuela for assisting,  peace talks with the Colombian government.

Without the help of Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the exploratory talks would have been very difficult to start, said Antonio Garcia, military commander of the 5,000-strong National Liberation Army (ELN).

When asked about Chavez's call for the ELN to lay down their arms, Garcia said every proposal made by important figures like Chavez should be taken seriously.

The ELN leader added that Saturday's hour-long meeting with the government was held in an "tolerable" atmosphere, saying the ELN will continue the dialogues.

What's wrong with peace? Nothing on it's face, but fidel castro has a long history of attempting to undermine legitimate governments. What's his goal here?

At the same time, a member of China's Central Committee has begun a visit to Cuba.

And over the weekend, Bolivia elected a man to office who also has close ties to fidel castro. Babalublog has the photograph of Evo Morales with fidel and el Mico Putumayo. The International Herald Tribune has this to say about Morales:

Evo Morales, a candidate for president who has pledged to reverse a campaign financed by the United States to wipe out coca growing, scored a decisive victory in general elections in Bolivia on Sunday.

Morales, 46, an Aymara Indian and former coca farmer who also promises to roll back American-prescribed economic changes, had garnered up to 51 percent of the vote, according to televised quick-count polls, which tally a sample of votes at polling places and are considered highly accurate.

Bolivia, like Venezuela, has oil in addition to cocaine. .

Of course, any problem is all the fault of the US. Andres Soliz Rada supports a classical Marxist theory of exploiter/exploited, and he goes all the way back to 1855 to find the words of an American to support his position. (English link here - original Spanish here.)

"Only fools speak of establishing permanent relations, without the use of force, between the pure American race, such as exists in the United States, and the half-breed Hispano-Indian race, such as is found in Mexico and Central America."   - William Walker, 1855

The quote by the North American pirate [William Walker] cited at the beginning of this article, anticipates the difference between countries that are oppressors and oppressed, established by classical Marxism since Lenin, and characterized by the draining of economic resources that more-or-less all colonies and semi-colonies have suffered from the imperialists, including during invasions and territorial mutilations. (Walker, with the support of Washington, was proclaimed president of Nicaragua in 1856 in order to spread slavery, which was at the point of being abolished in his own country).

Mr. Soliz Rada is ignoring much more recent history of  attempted exploitation of Bolivia by a foreign power.  fidel has coveted Bolivia since the beginning of his revolution. He sent che guevara  to die there in 1967 while attempting to export fidel's revolution

Who's more dangerous to Bolivia today? A dead American or a live Cuban dictator with a history of oppression and an expertise in draining the economic resources of a country into his own, Forbes recognized billionaire, bank account?

Update - More on the Bolivian election from Publis Pundit, where Mora writes:

 In his victory speech, Morales has vowed to challenge the U.S., saying ‘long live coca, no to the yanquis.’ As recently as two days ago, Morales vowed to be “the United States’ worst nightmare.” He also vowed to ‘defeat the U.S. economic blockade’ which must be a line from Fidel Castro, as there is no U.S. economic blockade against Bolivia, other than the one Morales himself will create with his rejection of the free trade of the Americas agreement - something unlikely to make a difference in the U.S. Bloomberg reports that he has targetted Exxon and British Gas as his enemies two days ago. Morales also took this opportunity to denounce the ill-defined concept known as ‘neo-liberalism,’ which probably means IMF aid, but is also a code word for the U.S., which runs the IMF. Disliking neo-liberalism is one of those things that, if carefully defined, I usually hate, too. But this should not be confused with capital-L liberalism which is a different animal altogether and requires no IMF.

Comments from Fausta are here.  The Belmont Club here. Charlie Bravo is predicting war between Bolivia and Chile and has this chilling word for the world:

The election of Morales secured the castroist grip on Latin America. It is the new shot of Sarajevo that started the 4th World War, in La Paz Bolivia, yesterday. Get ready to fight.

Read the whole thing.


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