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Cuban Repression Slammed
Monday, December 12, 2005   By: Mahone Dunbar

U.S. Interests Section head slams fidel

The new U.S. diplomat in Cuba, Michael Parmley, has finally made is first public address and he chose International Human Rights Day to do it. Caribbean Net News reports that Parmley slammed the Cuban government for its human rights abuses.

"We are calling on the world to reject and draw attention to these intolerable crimes," said Michael Parmley, new chief of the US Interests section in Havana, at a gathering to mark International Human Rights Day.

"The often violent actions of groups supporting the Cuban regime, who angrily confront dissidents who are supporting democracy, is especially repugnant," Parmley told a group of disidents and diplomats.

"The regime would like us to believe that these so-called 'shows of outrage' outside dissidents' homes are spontaneous. The regime is resorting to a modern version of the Nazi brown shirts or the Ku Klux Klan to do this dirty work," Parmley charged.

"In Cuba, International Human Rights Day is a sad occasion," he added. "There are more than 300 political prisoners" in the Caribbean nation of more than 11 million."

Parmley's speech was his first public meeting with Cuban human rights activists.

The Real Cuba has photos.


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