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The Future Of Cuba
Wednesday, December 07, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

The Havana Journal wants to hear from you

The publisher of The Havana Journal wants to know what folks think the future of Cuba should be:

I want to read what Havana Journal readers think about Cuba's political and economic evolution.

Will Cuba learn from China and evolve towards a free market economy or will it NOT learn from the Soviet Union mistakes?

Since Cuba had close ties with the Soviet Union and since Fidel Castro has been set in his ways for decades, I don't see Cuba (and Fidel has said this) embracing China's economic style reforms.

So, does Cuba just wither away to nothing until the lights go out and everyone just stays home?

Your thoughts?

There are a number of comments - maybe some of you would like to comment, too. The link is here. (Be nice.- they seem to ask a serious question - although I don't see why either model should be followed, and said so when I posted there) (registration required to comment)

What is The Havana Journal? Here's part of what the "About Us" section says

We saw the need to build a Cuba-related web site by Americans for Americans. There is a real lack of information about Cuba in the US so we built this site to help educate Americans about Cuba, a country just 90 miles away from Key West yet more "foreign" than a country half way around the world. 

We are internet entrepreneurs that set out to develop an objective Cuba-related information destination.

We expect tens of thousands of people to turn to the Internet for information about Cuba when the Embargo is lifted or there is a leadership change in Cuba. 

Maybe some of us can help these Americans learn something about Cuba.


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