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What Hath fidel Wrought?
Tuesday, November 29, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

The propaganda success of free eye surgery

The Cuban-Venezuelan campaign to provide free eye surgery to people in developing countries seems to be paying off in propaganda. The Bahama Journal prints a story entitled Cuba's Significance To The Bahamas and The Region.

Cuba and Venezuela have started a benevolent gesture unprecedented in the Caribbean history and testimonies from various persons and governments in the Caribbean region vindicate the good intentions of these two nations, particularly Cuba: a nation that has dedicated it vital resources to provide assistance to every developing nation around the world with greater focus in the Caribbean countries. These contributions demonstrate the genuineness of President Fidel Castro’s philanthropism.

The article goes on to cite:

  1. 2000 Guyanese have received eye surgery
  2. Another 5,000 people from other Caribbean countries have had their medical problems treated in Cuba
  3. Cuba is providing free medicine to patients after they return home from surgery
  4. Thousands of people in Belize have been treated for eye problems and other diseases

Here comes the touchy-feely part of the article:

The Cuba effort in conjunction with the Venezuelan government support is transforming the Caribbean initiative to alerts the citizens of the region that someone cares. The recent initiative also by the Venezuelan government that has resulted in the signing of the agreements with 13 Caribbean countries to provide them with oil under favourable financial conditions is a laudable and invaluable contribution to national and regional development. This is unmatched in the region.

Obviously, to the patient in need of medical care, these programs can be very important. But to the economy as a whole, these programs are a disaster. We've seen how Venezuelan doctors have been driven out of business because the free Cuban doctors have taken their business. We've seen how countries such as Paraguay have found the Cuban doctors to be more interested in spying and infiltrating that in doctoring.

However, the propaganda value is invaluable to fidel and el Mico Putumayo. This is another example of their seriousness in taking over Latin America - either directly or indirectly. What are Condi and the Foggy Bottom Boys doing about it?


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