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CODEPINK's Cuban New Year's Party
Friday, October 28, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

CODEPINK finds a difference between fascism and communism

One of the newer additions to the blogroll to the left is Blog for Cuba by our friend Kathleen. When Babalublog posted that CODEPINK plans a fun filled vacation to fidel's island workers' paradise over New Year's, Kathleen sent an email.  Kathleen asked

Do you have any idea how offensive and vile this planned trip is?  I suppose you would have enjoyed a picnic at Auschwitz, drinking steins of beer with the locals, hugging a German to make a statement against the war Americans were fighting and dying in at that time. 

CODEPINK replied:

First of all, fascists and communists are 2 very different political veins.

So CODEPINK finds an important distinction between the 20th century's two most virulent forms of totalitarianism. A Nazi concentration camp is different, I suppose, from a Soviet concentration camp.

Read the entire thing here.


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