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So, You Still Think There's An Embargo, XVIII
Tuesday, October 25, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

The return of Heineman

Seemingly not content with millions of dollars in vote-buying money, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman says he's headed back to fidel's island paradise to collect more. Back in August, Heineman got Cuba to agree to buy Great Northern beans and other Nebraska farm products. Now the Sioux City (Iowa) Journal reports Heineman plans to return this week.

The governor said Monday that he will be focused both on making new deals and shoring up the $30 million in contracts from the August trip. However, of that only $2.5 million in great northern bean sales has been finalized.

The beans are scheduled to be shipped from western Nebraska to Cuba in November, Heineman said.

State officials say progress on the contracts has been good, whatever that means.



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