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Hunger Strike In A Cuban Jail
Thursday, October 13, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Omar Pernet

From Net For Cuba


By Omar Pernet

In a statement he gave his niece and representative Bertha Antúnez Pernet, the current Cuban prisoner of conscience Omar Pernet states his decision to fast until he is taken to a hospital in Havana.

“Santa Clara, October 10, 2005, Hospital Viejo, Prisoners Ward

To: Amnesty International, all democratic organizations and to the public opinion.

I, Omar Pernet, declare myself on hunger strike today, October 10, 2005, on the anniversary of the horrific automobile accident I endured while being taken by the State Security from the maximum security prison, Las Mangas, in Bayamo, Granma. The destination of such trip still remains undisclosed.

I declare myself on hunger strike due to the following:

1. I petition that I be transferred to Havana with the purpose of undergoing an operation on my left leg, an operation that I did not receive because of the deception and bad intentions of the official Gabriel Paz, Orthopedist of the Carlos J. Finlay Military Hospital in Marianao, who refused to operate my leg because of a false illness he reported in my blood. He went on to fracture my foot once again, and did not operate my femur, nor my clavicle.

2. I cannot resist the pain and swelling in my leg and the atrophy in my thigh and leg muscles.

3. I am unfairly imprisoned with a 25-year sentence given by false courts.

4. So that all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience are freed unconditionally

5. So that current political prisoner and prisoner of conscience Jorge Luis García Pérez (Antúnez) is freed from the severity of Castro’s prisons, beatings, and punishment cells he has endured for more than 15 years. Such torture has produced a tumor in one lung. He has been harassed due to the color of his skin, his non-cooperation with the system, and his firmness in maintaining his dignity and democratic ideas.

I sign the above statement of hunger strike in the prisoner’s ward of the Santa Clara hospital at 6 a.m in the year 2005.

Omar Pernet Hernández.”

Collaboration: Pablo Rodriguez / Tanya Wilder [email protected]


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