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Kissing fidel
Thursday, September 22, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

A play review

It's a play so overwrought, even the New York Times doesn't like it. The play is entitled "Kissing Fidel" and it's written by a man described as a Cuban-American exile, Eduardo Machado. One paragraph from the review is enough to get the flavor of the whole thing:

In "Kissing Fidel," Mr. Machado, the Cuban-American author of more than 40 plays and the artistic director of Intar, explores themes he has approached with more eloquence, subtlety and coherence in previous works. The existential pain of exile, the confusions of sexual identity and the complex legacies of the Cuban revolution are predominant concerns, but Mr. Machado's writing in "Kissing Fidel" is overstimulated to the point of hysteria. Many cups of coffee are ladled out in this shakily acted comedy-drama, which is set in the parlor of an elegant funeral home, but more caffeine is the last thing anyone involved in this jittery production needs.



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