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More fidel And The Mullahs
Tuesday, September 13, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Iran sending electrical equipment to Cuba

Don't throw away those new rice cookers - help in providing electricity is on the way from the mullahs. Iran News reports that the mullahs will ship $5-million dollars worth of electrical equipment to Cuba.

Iran's exports of electrical equipment have significantly increased during the recent years. Last year, the country exported electrical instruments valued at over 100 million dollars to different countries such as, Lebanon, Syria, Turkmenistan, Republic of Azerbaijan, Pakistan and a number of African countries.

Construction of power plants, development of electricity networks and water conveyance projects, management and overhauls of power plants in other countries are the main core of the agreements.

I hope Condi and the Foggy Bottom Boys are watching this. Folks wanting to develop nukes chumming up with someone who has always wanted to use one.


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