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Cuba In The World Press
Friday, August 26, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Jamaica, Reuters, UK

Cuba and Venezuela are spreading the movement - The Jamaica Observer reports that the two countries will provide free healthcare to 6-million people in Latin America and the Caribbean. The report fails to point out that these medical folks are frequently spies.

It's Bush's fault. 31-people trying to flee fidel's workers' paradise were lost at sea in the Florida Straits. The Coast Guard stopped searching for them on Thursday. Now fidel says its all the fault of the U.S. Here's the Reuters report.

If you want to get away from Merry Olde England, thisismoney reports a trip to Cuba is tops for pound stretching.

IF you want a cheap holiday next summer, head for Cuba. New research has found that the Caribbean island is the cheapest mainstream holiday destination in the world.

Beneficial exchange rates and the lower cost of basis means travellers to the island, famous for its 1950s cars and cigars, have more cash to splash out on extra items or activities.

How about a country famous for a murderous dictator who, for nearly 50-years, has tried to spread his brand of totalitarianism throughout his region?


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