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fidel, hugo and the mullahs
Tuesday, August 16, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

A stamp and other cooperation

Here's an odd story - partially amusing and partially threatening.   fidel and the mullahs are getting so tight they have decided to issue a joint postage stamp. The Islamic Republic News Agency proudly announced:

In a meeting held between Iran's Ambassador to Cuba Ahmad Edrissian and Head of Cuban Postal Company Alberto Peres Romero, the two sides discussed ways to develop cooperation in the postal sector and finally agreed upon issuing a joint stamp.

What will it look like? I'm sure fidel would want his picture on it, but Islam doesn't allow the graphic representation of people. Oh, what will they do? Then the article goes on to say:

Welcoming expansion of bilateral cooperation with the Islamic Republic, the Cuban side called for establishment of trilateral cooperation among Iran, Cuba and Venezuela.

Iran, Cuba and Venezuela. That's chilling.



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