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Cuba In The World Press
Monday, August 15, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

News stories

Even in Minnesota, they are noticing fidel's solution to the energy crisis - low wattage light bulbs rather than an end to communism. The (St. Paul) Pioneer Press reports that while fidel has budgeted $500 million, it will actually take billions of dollars and years of work to repair the electrical system in Cuba. It's a problem so severe, the existence of the regime itself may hinge on the repairs.

While Nebraska tries to sell more agricultural goods to Cuba, PeriĆ³dico 26 reports that all is well as the farmers in Central Cuba are planting crops and are using fertilizer this year.

Agriculture Ministry official Jorge Luis Barrios told reporters that farmers have all necessary industrial fertilizers to boost the initiative, which also includes the management of soils which have been cleaned following the recent potato harvest.


Ivan Dominguez, who defected from Cuba in 1998, gets a nice write up in the L.A. Times. He finished third in a Manhatten Beach race, and commented on fidel's worker's paradise.

In 1997, Dominguez realized that the Cuban national team's financial situation was worsening. A number of his teammates were barred from competing after being charged with smuggling cigars when traveling to competitions.

Dominguez, who raced with the team for five years, soon decided that emigrating would be in his best interest.

"The money you make racing, you have to give almost all back to the Cuban government," said Dominguez, who was the country's highest-ranked cyclist. "If you won a race and got $10,000, you'd give them the money and only get $100 or $200. It didn't make any sense."




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