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Hugo Buying Influence
Thursday, August 11, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Using his oil money

Venezuela's Hugo Chávez is jetting around South America buying political influence with the oil belonging to the people of Venezuela. The Financial Times reports he visitied Uruguay on Wednesday and is scheduled to visit Argentina and Brazil today (Thursday). 

With oil prices nearing $65 a barrel and Venezuela's international reserves standing at more than $30bn (€24bn, £16.7bn), Mr Chávez has ample funds available to help friendly leftwing and centre-left governments. His oil diplomacy has been helped by recent legislation that has allowed him to use $6bn from the central bank reserves for development purposes.

It has triggered increasing concern in Washington, because of the Venezuelan leader's fiery anti-American rhetoric, friendship with countries such as Cuba and Iran and recent arms purchases. Earlier this week Venezuela cancelled drugs co-operation with the US.

This is a very serious situation that has been going on in one form or another for a long time. Dastardly people are selling us stuff and using our own money to attempt to destroy us. fidel very early on hooked up with, and helped create, the Medallian cartel, using the money made from drug sales in the U.S. to establish and maintain his regime. Now the Islamofascists are using the money they make from oil to attempt to bring down democratic western civilization. What's the solution?



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