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Pastors And Venceremos
Monday, August 08, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Two of a kind

I've written before about the Venceremos Brigades - groups of Americans who, in my youth, traveled to Cuba to help fidel bring in the sugarcane harvest.  In more recent years, they seem to simply go on tours of the island and show solidarity with fidel.

One of the Brigade members is from New York's Hudson Valley and was interviewed by The Poughkeepsie Journal.

 "We completely violated our travel restrictions," said (Ed) Felton, who traveled with a group known as the Venceremos Brigade. It was formed in 1969 to try and break the blockade of Cuba's economy.

"We believe it's our constitutional right to travel in the world and exchange ideas with people." he said.

Again, one of those folks who think that rights come from the Constitution - they don't. Even the Constitution recognizes they come from God. Go read it.

Another couple of folks from the area, Eugene and Nora Hammond went to Cuba with the Pastors For Peace. It turns out Nora is a Cuban-American.

All three complain about the embargo. At least, in this case, the reporter wrote "embargo" - most seem to write "blockade" when talking to members of the Pastors group. All three visitors also comment on the ability of Cubans to resolver. But then they comment -

Despite the restrictions, Felton said Cubans try to focus on their schools, arts and music.

All socialist agenda items - what about the need to focus of feeding the children?



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