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A Golden Oldie
Thursday, August 04, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

A link to Den Beste

Some of you may have come to blogging after the great Steven Den Beste stopped posting at his old site, U.S.S. Clueless. Steven was one of the early bloggers and did a lot of thinking about the art. He designated some bloggers "linkers" - Glenn Reynolds being one, and others "thinkers" - with himself being an example. Steven would post long articles in which he shared his thoughts on whatever interested him at the time.

He has kept his old blog on-line, and there's a wealth of information there. I was searching for something this morning and ran across one of his old posts from June of 2002. I enjoyed rereading it, and I thought you might like to read it, too. It's titled "Castro The Clown."

Castro feels the cold touch of death on his shoulder, and fears for his legacy. He fears that five minutes after his death, everything he's built will be torn down and replaced by something looking suspiciously like what's just across the water to the North. 99% of Cubans say that they agree with him that Socialism must an untouchable and irrevocable part of Cuban society forever and ever; but Castro knows better than anyone how meaningless this truly is.

He stopped political blogging, in part because of the hate e-mail, but mostly for health reasons. He now blogs on Japanese anime at Chizumatic.


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