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So You Still Think There's An Embargo - XIV
Wednesday, August 03, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Vermont cows to Cuba

Cows from Vermont are on their way to Cuba as part of a trade mission led by Vermont Lt. Governor Brian Dubie, a Republican. The trip will also include Agriculture Secretary Steve Kerr. The cows are part of an effort to rebuild Cuba's dairy herd. Some of the cows have already arrived - the balance are to ship from Gulfport, Mississippi tomorrow.

In 2004, Dubie made a trip to Cuba and returned with agreements to sell Vermont apples, cows and powdered milk. From the Montpelier (Vt.) Times Argus:

Dubie said he hopes his upcoming visit will open further trade with the island of 11.3 million people.

"We'll continue conversations about possible new products and new relationships that make sense for Vermont and Cuba in accordance with the law and we'll just continue that conversation," Dubie said Tuesday.

The reporter obviously asked how a Republican Lt. Governor could seem to be taking an action contrary to the position of the Bush Administration. Dubie says he stayed in contact with the proper federal authorities to be sure he was within the law. He also expressed concern for the fate of the 20-dissidents arrested a couple of weeks ago.

Will he express his concern to the Cuban officials he meets?

P.S. - I have to comment on how well written the article is. The reporter obviously understood the issues, asked good questions and presented a straight-forward news story. I wish we saw more of this.


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