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Telesur And The Triple Border Area
Monday, August 01, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

More American troops?

Cuba is praising the launch of the new Latin American television network, Telesur. It's funded by Venezuela, housed in official Venezuelan government officies, and spouts the propaganda of fidel. Here's proof, from AIN:

Havana July 28 (AIN) Telesur TV network is on the air and Cuban analysts believe it marks the end of the US information monopoly in Latin America.  

Commenting on Thursday's The Round Table program, Ana Teresa Badia, an international news analyst at Radio Rebelde, said the new satellite station with its headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela is already under attack from the Bush administration and US Congress.

Fausta has more here.

But even more interesting are these paragraphs from the same AIN article:

Other members of the Round Table panel emphasized that the Latin American region is once again living with the presence of US troops in the area, under the cover of peacekeeping missions. As an example they cited military operations in Paraguay as an attempt to control the strategic area known as the triple border, where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay meet at one of the world's most important fresh water aquifers. 

The triple border area has a strategic role in the future of the planet because of its fresh water reserves and has a unique biodiversity that is targeted by transnational pharmaceutical corporations and other conglomerates looking at the area as an ideal location for a large scale agro-export industry.

The triple border area is known for far, for more than for its unique biodiversity. It is well known as a romote, safe haven for all kinds of nefarious organizations, including all kinds of drug and arms smugglers, as well as Hamas, Hezbollah and al-Qaeda. From FrontPage Magazine

In his April statement to the September 11 commission, Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism expert at the University of St. Andrews, identified the Triple Border Area as one of the world's blind spots of terrorism, where organized crime has fused with politically motivated violence. There are a number of factors that have facilitated that fusion, such as corruption in law enforcement and governments of the three countries. The borders are porous, and jungle-like geography provides convenient cover. 

And Fausta, again, reports much more on the TBA and its infestation with organized crime and terrorists.

Do we really have troops in the area, or is this just more communist anti-US talk? It will be interesting to keep an eye open.


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