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Reprisals In Cuba
Monday, August 01, 2005   By: Juan Paxety


This is a shock. fidel castro's government takes reprisals against the poor folks who try to escape his worker's paradise - and get caught along the way by the U.S. Coast Guard. From Cubanet

Reprisal taken against worker caught leaving Cuba

HAVANA, July 27 (José Antonio Fornaris, Cuba Verdad / - Farm worker Ricardo Hernández Roque says he has suffered reprisals since being returned to Cuba June 21 after the U.S. Coast Guard seized the boat on which he was trying to reach the United Status.

Hernández Roque received a written notification from the "Rosario" state farm dated June 6 that said he could no longer work as an equipment operator but must work as a laborer. It said that management no longer has confidence in him since he tried to leave the country illegally.

Under a 1995 agreement between the United States and Cuba, the Cuban government is not to take reprisals against those returned to the island by the Coast Guard.

And, of course, since it is a communist system and all jobs are owned by the state, Mr. Hernández Roque can't go find another employer. And the state is being deprived of his talents as an equipment operator while he is working as a laborer. Some system.


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