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Pastors Pray for che
Thursday, July 28, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Pastors For Peace

If you've wondered about the Pastors for Peace - maybe they really have the good of the Cuban people at heart, here's something to change your mind. From AIN -

Pastors for Peace Pay Homage to Che Guevara in Cuba 

Havana, July 28 (AIN) Members of the 16th Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan visiting Cuba paid homage to guerrilla commander Ernesto Che Guevara, at the revolution square in the province of Villa Clara.

After placing a floral wreath at the monument to Che, the caravan members visited the memorial treasuring the remains of the Argentinean-Cuban and his comrades killed in Bolivia in the 1960s and brought to Cuba in 1997.

Iris Menendez, representative of the Cuban Friendship Institute in Villa Clara, welcomed the group and explained some of the history of the province.

John Weller, a Pastors for Peace board member, told AIN news agency that the spirit of Che is everywhere. He said the caravan traveled to Cuba to verify the reality of its people to take the truth around the world and counteract the lies spread by the reactionary press.

We are a very important piece of the international movement in solidarity with Cuba, challenging US government travel prohibitions to the island, said Weller.

Weller added that while traveling through 130 cities in the US and Canada and meeting with residents, there was a consensus against the nearly half century blockade of Cuba.  

While in Villa Clara, the Pastors for Peace delegation visited an elderly care center and the urban farm known as Las Marianas, where more than 100 women grow vegetables and other produce for local consumption.

Now I have a sirimba. I'm going to lie down before I fall and get a chichon.


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