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Spreading The Revolution
Wednesday, July 20, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Doctors as revolutionaries

The Caribbean nation of St. Kitts and Nebis is considering an offer from Cuba and Venezuela to restore sight to the blind and to treat eye diseases. Caribbean Net News reports it's an extension of the "Miracle Mission" program started by castro in Venezuela last year.

“It is mainly to provide attention to blind patients and those patients and persons who are suffering from serious ophthalmological diseases,” said Dr. Altina Montalvo, who pointed out that there are 45 million people affected by blindness and various eye diseases. She said 80 percent of that figure can be cured so that they can be more useful and productive in the society in which they live.

The Cuban Envoy said the “Miracle Mission” has treated 38,500 Venezuelan patients in Cuba since July 8th .

Sounds like a great thing. Except doctors in Venezuela report the Cuban doctors are poorly trained and are, in fact, political agents. From Reuters:

Local health professionals grouped in the Venezuelan Medical Federation say the Cuban doctors are not properly qualified and have been brought in to preach Chavez and Castro's socialist message.

"These Cubans are political agents who come to indoctrinate, not to work as doctors," said (Pedro) Carvallo (a trauma specialist).

The BBC reports the Cuban doctors were brought in to Venezuela as part of a similar plan - to provide health care to those who can't afford it. But Venezuelan doctors say the Cubans are actually stealing their jobs, and are being paid more money than they can make themselves. Cuba provides medical professionals in return for Venezuelan oil. Venezuelan doctors say the practice is undermining the entire local medical structure.

castro says he intends to increase the number of Cuban doctors in Venezuela - and now it seems he's expanding his program across the Caribbean.

Update - Gateway Pundit has more on the protests, including photos (hat tip to Val.)

Update - Gustavo Coronel writes "The Other Face of the Cuban Invasion in Venezuela"

The 50,000 Cubans in Venezuela are not immigrants. They are not here to stay, to live among us, to become part of our country and to be loyal to our country, to our nation. They are invaders, many loyal to a foreign and totalitarian political ideology, sent by a dictator in response to a request from a dictator-in-the-making.


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