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Tuesday, July 12, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Here's some stuff you need to read:

George Moneo is posting at Babalublog the true story of a Cuban engineer who escaped to the US aboard a raft.  That takes courage enough, but this man required extra courage - he's a paraplegic.

The Conductor posts at Cuban American Pundits that fidel may be harboring IRA terrorists.

He also posts a part of the Sgt. Lazo story you may not know.  The Sergeant is Cuban who came to the US, joined the Army, and is now a decorated Iraqi war vet. He wants to go back to Cuba to visit his sons, but current US travel policy won't allow the visit. Now, it turns out, the US tried to give the boys travel visas to come here, but the family wouldn't accept them. Read the whole thing.

Robert at The 26th Parallel does yet another amusing takedown of Fox's Rick Sanchez. Ha.

And J. Scott Barnard was watching a CNN report on hurricane damage to Cuba when the satellite feed suffered a strange problem.




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