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Hurricane Dennis Damages Cuba
Tuesday, July 12, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

fidel turns down US aid

Hurricane Dennis destroyed 120,000 homes in Cuba, caused $1.4-billion dollars in damage, and left 16-people dead, according to Reuters. The United States offered $50,000 in aid, and fidel turned it down. The Los Angeles Times reports:

U.S. State Department officials in Havana and Washington said the offer was made on Sunday for emergency supplies.

"Unfortunately, the Castro government declined the offer," State Department spokesman Tom Casey said in Washington.

If the European Union were to offer money, it would also be rejected according to fidel in a seven-hour speech last night. He says he is accepting aid only from friendly states, and named Venezuela specifically.

The Real Cuba has photos of damage, such as this one in Casilda, where the web site reports 80% of the homes were destroyed.

The CANF says it will supply aid directly to the Cuban people.


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