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The Cuba Corps Launched
Friday, July 08, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

A volunteer project to help rebuild civil society in Cuba

A news release supplied by

A volunteer project to help rebuild civil society in Cuba

Miami, FL (July 8, 2005)- The launching of The Cuba Corps, a humanitarian, volunteer project to help freedom-loving Cubans in the Island rebuild civil society in a post-Castro Cuba will be announced at a press conference to be held on July 8, 2005 at 10:00 a.m. at Casa Larios, 5859 SW 73 Street, South Miami.

“There are thousands of us who wish to have a role in rebuilding our country of birth,” said Olga Nodarse, a founding member and General Director of The Cuba Corps. “Plans have always been discussed about a return to Cuba, but whether as a first or second or third home in the future there are many of us who wish to help, even for a short time,” she added.

The Cuba Corps seeks the recruitment, classification and organization, training and eventual deployment of a corps of volunteers going to Cuba for brief periods of time to contribute their experience and know-how to build a democratic society in Cuba.

As such, The Cuba Corps is committed to supporting the cause of democracy in Cuba, helping opposition and dissident groups and projects in the Island, to reconstruct the homeland.

The idea of a Cuba Corps was born among friends talking of how they could help Cubans on the Island after the demise of the Castro government. “There exists, in the Cuban exile community, a veritable treasure trove of professional and business experience in every possible area necessary to building a civil society on the Island,” Nodarse said, and “we seek to leverage this wealth of experience on behalf of democracy in Cuba.”

The first phase of the project is to create a database of thousands of Cuban-Americans, their children, Cuban exiles abroad, as well as other people willing to help, and to classify them by their expressed field of interest and by critical areas of reconstruction.


The Cuba Corps, Inc. is a registered not-for-profit in the State of Florida and has applied for 503 (b) c status. It does not receive funds from any government, nor is it affiliated with any corporate or organizational entity. Its support comes from individuals and non-governmental organizations who wish to help the cause of democracy in Cuba.

Unfortunately, the news release does not contain an address or telephone number for contacitng the organization. The Florida Division of Corporations does not have the group listed on the web site yet (it takes a while for them to list new corporations). The only contacts are the press contacts - Maite Arguelles: 305.815.9376
and Mercy Cubas: 305.766.6697.


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