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A Blogiversary
Tuesday, June 28, 2005   By: Juan Paxety is two years old today. Drop by and say thanks to Val.

Robert from The 26th Parallel has a post at Cuban American Pundits thanking Val for getting him started in blogging.

I want to thank Val for giving my blogging a direction. I started posting stuff on the Internet a lifetime ago, way back in 1999 - some stories, music, photos, etc. By the end of 2001, blogging was taking off, software was available, and everyone was becoming a warblogger. I bought some software and did some of that, too, but over the years interest waned. I didn't care about linking to interesting articles like Glenn - nor did I want to write extended articles on various subjects like Steven Den Beste. I posted less and less.

Then one day last year Glenn linked to a site selling a ridiculous T-shirt bearing a photo of Michael Moore. On close examination, you could see Michael's face was made up of a lot of little photos of asses. The site was, of course, Hog On Ice. I was an instant fan. After reading Steve's site for a few weeks, I took a look at his blogroll. I saw one that said Babalu - what the hell? I clicked. I read and read.

Bloggers had just taken down Dan Rather. I had a post or two on that subject. A blogswarm was surrounding Eason Jordon. I thought that this guy at Babalu  had the right idea. The person most deserving of a take-down is fidel castro. As an American with Cuban ancestors, I could write about Cuba and American foreign policy in Latin America, too.

Val, you gave me a purpose in writing again. Thanks for all your hard work. fidel will be brought down. Cuba libre.




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