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So You Still Think There's An Embargo, X
Thursday, June 23, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

More corporate welfare on the horizon

Business Week reports on the arrival in Havana of the Washington based US-Cuba Trade Association.

 "The purpose of the trip really is for the members to get an update on what's happening from the Cuban point of view," primarily with the island's economy and the effects of the latest U.S. measures, Kirby Jones, the association president, told The Associated Press.

 Hopefully companies will sign some contracts as well, he said.

The article points out the fall-off in trade since the Treasury Department this year required fidel to pay in cash.

"Sales will continue to decline dramatically in 2005 unless the Congress can find a way to quickly overturn this change in the payment requirements," said a letter sent to U.S. lawmakers this week by several U.S. companies belonging to the trade association.

And when these companies extend credit to fidel and he doesn't pay, they'll be back before Congress asking for more corporate welfare.

My first news director taught me the most interesting paragraph in an Associated Press story is usually the last. That holds true in this piece, in which the last paragraph says 150 organizations of farmers, processors and shippers in 37 states are benefited by trade with Cuba.


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